Safety & Health

For us, safety and healthy come second to none. We comply with industry specific Health & Safety standards and provide the right training and resources for all our employees, processes. We believe that prevention is better than cure and follow it with every asset of the company. Prevention of accidents and injuries is the topmost priority for us. For each and every service, right from design to the execution part, we meet health and safety standards. And most importantly, we never risk health, safety and environmental aspects of our employees at work or people in and around our projects.

Our Principles and Guidelines

Proactive Leadership values:
Our management believes in proactive and transparent leadership with Health and Safety as its an integral value through continuous improvement. Thus, making every employee and process safety and health assured in the organisation.

Quality H&S control:
We make sure proper assessment and control procedures are realized to avoid and address any risks to the safety and health of our employees. This is achieved through installation of regular and consistent quality business management systems with proper segregation of duties making process owners healthy and safe realised including our suppliers and contractors.

H&S Monitoring:
We make sure each asset is equipped with industry specific and global H&S standards with regular reviews and tests for managing quality performance.

Training Program
We equip ourselves with the best, state of the art training procedures to make our employees perform with their maximum levels of quality health and safety.