Curtain Wall


Installation of conventional stick systems is generally on site and done component by component. A Mullion is a vertical bar between the panes of glass in a window. These vertical mullions are attached at approved grid locations with S.S/M.S/Aluminium brackets anchoring to the slabs. An aluminium grid framing is created using the horizontal transoms which are fixed between these mullions. A cover cap is snap fitted on pressure plates holding the glass mechanically. This system does ninety percent of the work on site which is economical and reliable.

Structural Glazing system
Semi Unitized System

Aluminium mullion components of Curtain wall are combined with Unitized Glazing. Its advantages are in the accuracy of degree and quality for fabrication and installation, bunch production, repair and its maintenance. Semi unitized system primarily fabricates other curtain wall components without the main keels and to associate them into unitized panels. Nearly, fifty percent of the work can be done at site.

Unitized System

When the stick system is not applicable where the deflections in a building are not proper, these unitized systems are preferred. Factory glazed panels and spandrels with seals applied and prepared in the factory. A series of factory assembled frames with interlocked mullions and transoms are installed as Unitized curtain walling systems. This system gives you the advantages of low cost, speedy installation with minimum on-site labour.

Here, the degree of reliance on standard site workmanship is low, making them a popular choice to eliminate the choice of on-site sealing. Rapid assembly on site and benefits of factory fabrication in controlled environment. Compared to semi-unitized system, here only ten percent work gets done on-site.