Suspended Glazing


Also, referred to as Frame-less Glazing which are perfect for energy efficiency and are generally hung from the top of a commercial building to break its restricted view. With proprietary hardware at fixing points which are laminated into the Point fix glazing systems glass which eliminates the regular metal framework. These point fix glazing systems are laminated, tempered or heat strengthened glass support with the above hardware. Its various types are:

Glass fin system:

For airport lobbies, convention centres or such monumental buildings, glass fin system is the most preferred as it’s the most transparent. The facade panels are suspended from a slab with clamps concealed. Independently clamped tempered glass fins provide lateral support to the structure. Stainless steel spliced joints holds high span facades for which fins are installed in sections.

M.S./S.S Truss System:

This is made up of stainless or coated steel with wide range of possibilities to fit in any size and shape.

Tension Cable System:

Mostly this system is preferred for lateral support under wind load. The tension cable system ensures integrity and stability of the glazed panels either fixed vertically or horizontally to the structures. This is formed using two single strand stainless steel cables, tied to the buildings using turnbuckles and fork-ends.