Wall cladding


A type of cladding for decorative covering intended to make a wall illusion to show that it is made of a different material than it actually is. Most commonly found on the outside of buildings, but cladding can also be an artistic element in interior decorating. It doesn’t impact the stability or integrity of a building’s architectural core as its non-structural. Generally designed to be permanent, it may provide benefits like insulation and waterproofing. Commonly made from various metals, stones, and composite materials but it can be made out of almost anything.

Intended to be stylistic rather than functional and is usually designed to improve aesthetics of a particular feature or room. Can be used to cover every surface in a house or building, but generally found in just one or two key areas. A single bathroom wall might be covered in wood paneling, for instance, which could give the illusion of depth and warmth, or a single corner or side of an office building might be layered with intricate stone work. Usually to add interest and vibrancy without the expense of actually re-building a wall or partition is the primary idea. In general, various materials and textures are affixed to the top of an existing structure.