The Benefits of Letting Natural Light in into a Home or Commercial Building

The letting of natural light into a home or commercial building is called “daylighting” in architecture. This light could be bright sunlight or muted overcast light. Whatever it may be, the use of natural light when designing a building has many benefits.

Natural light does not just cut the cost of electricity, it is also the most powerful light that you can bring into your home or office. It is a natural and healthy way to enjoy the indoors. Natural light brings with it warmth and Vitamin D, thereby making rooms more comfortable and cozy, even during the cold winter months.

Windows and natural light also freshens the air in a room and is one of the best ways to clear odor in a space. Natural light also helps homeowners and office workers recover from oversleeping, overeating, and energy loss. In this article, we’ll touch on the some of the benefits of letting natural light in into a home or commercial building…

1) Natural light produces energy savings: About 47% of the energy used in a home or office is for space conditioning, that is, for lighting and temperature control. Natural light produces energy savings by allowing a homeowner or office worker to use less heat and less air conditioning. It also reduces or eliminates the need to use artificial light. In some cases, adding natural light to your home or office can reduce energy costs by as much as 75%.

2) Natural light makes people happier: Research has shown that natural light helps people become more productive, happier, calmer, and healthier. Natural light also helps regulate some disorders, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The latter is a kind of depression that is related to a change in seasons. One possible treatment option for SAD includes light therapy.

3) Natural light reduces eye strain: Compared to other home and office lighting methods, such as artificial lighting, natural light reduces eye strain and makes it easier for people to see. Natural light also helps reduce eye strain while watching TV or while working on your computer.

4) Natural light prevents depression: Studies have shown that simply being exposed to natural light for a short period of time can prevent depression in adults as well as children and can boost your spirits.

5) Natural light prevents Vitamin D deficiency: Exposure to natural light, such as sunlight, is the primary method by which people receive a sufficient amount of Vitamin D. This vitamin has numerous benefits, including immune system regulation, body weight maintenance, and asthma symptom control. It also helps to keep the brain working efficiently into later life.

6) Natural light reduces the amount of mildew: It also reduces the amount of mold growth, keeping your home or office healthier for you and your family. If you let sunlight into your space, you will automatically clear the musty indoors air and breathe healthier air.

7) Natural light helps preserve the environment: The use of natural light into a home or office space helps clear the air and also helps preserve the environment. This is especially true if you have indoor plants in your home or office.

8) Natural light increases the esthetics of a space: Architects use natural light to make a space appear larger and also to illuminate an interior structure. The use of natural light when designing a space can also increase the beauty of a space. This is true of both your home and your office.

9)Exposure to Natural Light Improves Workplace Performance. There is a strong positive relationship between workplace daylight exposure and office workers’ sleep, activity, quality of life and work satisfaction. For more info… https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-athletes-way/201306/exposure-natural-light-improves-workplace-performance

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